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How to become a VIP Member?
VIP Members

We would like to thank you for your long term commitment and dedication to Bluegrassrivals.  To become a VIP member you must have been a member of BGR for a minimum of 6 months, and have 3000 or more posts without excessive rule violation. Your account will be automatically upgraded.  VIP Benefits are listed below.

Additionally, any member that donates to support BGR will be promoted to VIP Member as our way of saying, "thank you". The donations section is currently not ready as we recently upgraded the forum software and moved servers. Check back soon if you interested in giving a donation as we will provide further information and links. Note: Donations are completely optional.  We don't operate BGR for a profit. Any advertising revenue or donation revenue is applied toward operational expenses and/or improvements. 

Benefits include:

1. 150 x 150 Avatar
2. Signatures
3. 100 Private Message Storage
4. Deletion Notices
5. Set yourself to invisible.
6. Change your user name anytime.
7. Custom VIP status rank bar
8. Access to our Warning system to help keep BGR free of members violating rules..

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