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Lexington Christian @ Williamsburg 9-25
Predictions? Looks like LCA's offense found itself in the 2nd half of the Catholic game. I see that momentum carrying over in this game. LCA's defense held both DeSales and Catholic to 20pts and never gave up a sustained drive in either game.
I see a big win for LCA against Williamsburg.

LCA 48

Williamsburg 14

They will be singing “Touchdown Xavier Brown“ lol.
Running clock......
Love Williamsburg but I will go with LCA. Williamsburg has had a tuff schedule to start this season. I know that’s due the late start of football but these are tough opponents no matter when they are on your schedule.
LCA 48 Burg 14. LCA hasn't got the secondary were they need to be, and the passing game though came a live in the 2nd half isn't quiet were it needs to be, and against a really good defense could hurt them at this point. Though DeSales and LexCath are historical great teams, this year they are not they are both rebuilding as is CovCath. Against Beechwood. I feel we are a few games out till we really see we're teams are. Technically first games would of been your scrimmage and last week your first game so a long road ahead.
LCA should run away with this one 3+
LCA running clock by halftime
LCA 35-14
Uh oh this could get ugly in 1Q waiting on Harlan, Lynn Camp and Pineville in October

LCA 49
Williamsburg 07
Brutal opening weeks for WHS after Covid changes and Frankfort bailing on them. Young Jacket team will start clicking after this one, but another long Friday night against the AA murderer's row. LCA 41-13.
45-7 LCA Final. LCA held Williamsburg to approximately 60 yards total offense going into the 4th quarter. Williamsburg score came in the 4th against the JV.
These Lexington teams are looking legit. Great game from the eagles.

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