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Eddie Van Halen passes away
How high do you rank him on your all time rock guitarist list? He wasn't my absolute favorite, but I did love his guitar playing, and I would probably rank him #1, at least on uniqueness as a rock guitarist.  You could always immediately identify his playing, and no one has ever really sounded the same.
Rock just lost one of its all-time greats. I always loved Van Halen no matter who was behind the microphone, and Eddie was the main reason why. Amazing talent, I always had him as a Top 5 guitarist.

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  • Van Hagar
You can tell an Eddie Van Halen sound and solo apart from others for sure. He is on my Mt. Rushmore of guitarist. I am one of the few that liked the Sammy Hagar era just as much as David Lee Roth, but Eddie Van Halen was always a constant force.
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I’m right there with you on everything you said. I actually liked most of the songs from the Hagar era better, I just felt like even though Diamond Dave was a ton of fun, he was almost amateurish as a vocalist. But it was always Eddie that mattered most.
More Cowbell nailed it in my book. Definitely top 5, maybe 3 ! Damn tobacco ...

Found a couple good vids on youtube this week , ENJOY -



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He was an amazing guitarist. I like a lot of you all preferred Hagar over Roth.


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