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South Carolina Fires Will Muschamp
South Carolina drops the hammer on Will Muschamp.  I don't know quite what they were expecting when the hired this guy.  If he couldn't win at Florida why did they think he could win at South Carolina.  He may be a former coach at EKU, but I have never been a fan of his.
When was he at EKU?
(11-15-2020, 09:38 PM)Jarons Wrote: When was he at EKU?

I think it was in 1999. It was when Roy Kidd was still there.
I really hate to see any of these SEC coaches fired while all this crazy time is going on....
Harbaugh is next
(11-17-2020, 08:00 PM)Spud6 Wrote: Harbaugh is next

In a way I would hate to see that happen.  I love seeing Michigan lose.
Muschamp will probably be able to scrape by on his $13 million buyout. How these universities allow contracts like that boggles the mind, the money they waste. Also, there’s talk that Stoops (with probably Vince Marrow in tow) would be on Michigan’s list of potential successors to Harbaugh.
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I hear Tennessee may pick him up as an assistant

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