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Brian Milam uploading videos of 13th, 14th and 15th region schools- Thank you
Games played at the Dilce Combs gym showed Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Smokey Jones, Don Hall, Ira Combs and Coach Bob Creech of Wolfe County. Naturally as a fan i hope Wolfe County boys can play in Rupp Arena as region champs. This would helped Campton and surrounding area the people deserve this. Classic game with Evarts at Cumberland in their historic gym. Steven Brock from Pineville on the call. I hope his health is good because he was one of my favorites from the 13th. Phelps boys coaches were James Mercer & son and Keith Hall on the bench. Keith Hays from Jackson County has some classic games with Clay County. Principal Hays on my trip to McKee took me in his office and show me a better route to travel back to Beattyville on my way home. Official Dennis Dozier from Barbourville. In 1995 the 13th called districts in the 15th. He worked games at Johnson Central. Jimmy Blankenship traveled to Booneville for games.
Where are these going to be uploaded?
Blake Hubbs as a talented 8th grader for Cawood taking the floor. Blake was first team all state in 2005. Glen Gray & Jeff Canady veteran officials in the Middlesboro gym. David Kelley senior guard in 99 for Middlesboro. Coach Wilson when coach at Cawood had Greg Coldiron in 78 as a second team all state player. Coach Johnny Ray Turner who in 14 days will be 45 years when Geri Grigsby scored 81 points for McDowell. The coach and official Tim Millet from Middlesboro called the girls 14th region at Jenkins in 2003. I visited with him and talked about how good Robert Mayall first team all state in 1973 for Middlesboro was. Geri brother Pete put up video of his dad 71 McDowell team playing them at Freedom Hall. Hope Sherman Combs health is good. At the Shelby Valley gym he called walking as a player from Grundy or Pound, VA. moved his feet on a inbounds throw in. This is a rule. How many times has Johnny Webb pointed down and said hold the spot. At the All A 13th regional tournament at Cawood on January 23, 1997 the Middlesboro cheerleaders went 3 high on a cheer. I was on the top row lower bleachers and the girl who was 3rd looked eye level at me with a smile.
That you for sharing these clips! It’s really cool to see

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