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Betsy Layne
I think that we have taken poor shots in all of the close games when it counted. Look back at Painstville game. We were never even in the game against Belfry. Painstville should've been a win for us at home. They lost the big boy last year. Everybody is talking about getting to region? FC lost about everything and Prestonsburg and Lawrence lost their leading scorers. We should be winning this district and have a legit shot at region. Right now, we are the team that had to drive 2 hours into another region to get a win. I'm just not seeing us play like everybody was talking like we were going to. I don't know many teams that can win without subbing at all and we don't sub. Subbing a player in to play a minute just to say he played don't count. We are going to need those guys later on down the road.
(01-13-2021, 12:27 AM)Blackcatdad Wrote:
(01-13-2021, 12:17 AM)Nolietotell Wrote:
(01-13-2021, 12:15 AM)Bigbluecat Wrote: Bobcat sports live didn’t even do the game.

But they did post updates and have a comment section. Go look for yourself.
You can’t blame Bobcat Sports Live for the comments a fan had.  Unfortunately every team has fans that complain about the refs. You can always find that play that someone will question but overall I thought they did a good job.

As for the game Pikeville made the halftime adjustments they needed to and won the game plain and simple.  Betsy layne is much improved but still has some work to do. We will get to see if this is “luck for Betsy Layne” or “Pikeville was having a bad game” later in the season when they play again.  For tonight we enjoyed a great contest and best of luck for both teams in the future.

I never blamed them I just stated fans were blaming refs as always and bigbluecat must've not believed so I gave him the info to go look for himself 
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(01-13-2021, 12:38 AM)Bigbluecat Wrote: I am a Betsy Layne Homer! This is the first season in about 5 that I felt like we went into a big game and had a chance.  I love the atmosphere Coach Newsome is  putting together. 

We may be 1-3 but if this was last year, we would be 5-0 and beat some solid jenkins, lee  county teams. Lol

You do realize other that a bath county team who isn't very good and Knox central ( wymt pairing they don't play a team outside the 15th.  Their schedule is almost the same as last year except for playing pikeville.   They played JC SV Martin Paintsville all last year too.  I do give BL fans credit. They always try to look to the brighter side.  But here's what gets people you see it all off-season long.  They come up with their nicknames like the Mike tyson of the 15th the enforcer the ultimate athlete super Dave.  They make the highlight videos. They brag about how good they are how their a different beast then they lose and its always the same. Your hanging your head over taking a team who was ranked top 3 in region to overtime.   Ok let's break that team down
Missing Manns and McNamee both key players Pikeville may have shot the worse I've ever seen
This was their backcourt 2nd game in over a year due to injury 
Now break BL down Look at stats if you don't believe me  it was their night.  They will never shoot that good again and you can count practices on that. 
They give pikeville their best knockout punch and pikeville shook it off and came away with the win.  I've seen fans say they'll be rdy next time just remember pikeville has the best coach in the region and it took him a whole 10 minutes after half to come up with a game plan to expose BL imagine what he will do once he has time to prepare and film to watch
We played Knott county last year also and was supposed to play them this year. I guess we couldn't fit them in since we had to drive to Bath and pickup Breathitt and God knows who at Jackson City. Thats what I mean man everything that those guys put out is BS. To hear them talk its like they increased the strength of schedule so much. You actually picked up Pikeville and dropped Knott. How's that stronger competition? I'll go a step further and say we are supposed to be ALOT better. Not 1-3 now. When the whole team is 16 years old basically and they return everybody they are supposed to be alot better. If you win 18 games with basically the same schedule then how many should you win when you return everyone on the team! Come on now...........
Someone asked where was Lukas Manns, I believe he was out with an ankle injury if I heard right.
Something that hurt Betsy Layne depth wise was losing Connor Hopkins to transfer.
I think BL threw their best punch last night and shot the ball well. Not being able to handle the press really hurt them though. I’m sure that was an emotionally charged game due to the transfer thing if your on that BL squad. I am seeing more and more BL and Floyd Co fans start to understand their true weakness when it comes to high school sports. Floyd Co hasn’t really produced a consistent winning program in a LONG time and that’s why you see kids leave. Firing coaches because parent are mad about playing time and local politics is just gonna keep ya running in circles. Hopefully you guys will let this BL coach settle in and do his job. As for the 1-3 record, hats off for scheduling some tough teams in the region, it will make em better down the stretch. Take a breath and let this team develop.
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Hambley my friend you just gave answer to many of the self inflicted wounds of Floyd county sports. Politics is everywhere but the levels of Floyd county goes unmatched. You can look at every high school in the county at some of the major sports at their schools. Look at the kids Prestonsburg loses every year to Paintsville and the kids Floyd Central is seeing leave. Since this particular post is about Betsy Layne basketball I will use this as a specific example. Betsy Layne has a ton of talent at their school coming up. The principal hires Short. He comes in and improves on both years he is there. He has a young team that does very well with some really good wins. The program is on the up and what I was told by many people is the principal really liked him. Board member wants to help his buddies for whatever reasons and everyone knows the rest. If you look at Betsy Layne's major sports the year Short was fired he had the best record by far than any of them and most put together. Now, Betsy Layne has a new coach which could be really good or bad, I don't know enough about him to make a decision. What I do know is that you have a player like Frasier that is the Bobcats leading scorer that has played for 3 different coaches and learning an entire new system. It just leaves you scratching your head but not really wandering why.

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