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Balls, Brains , and Bull Penis ... Bon Appetit !!!
How willing are you to try some REALLY bizarre foods?  I've watched the bald guy for years eat just about everything imaginable. About the only things he couldn't stomach was Stinky Tofu and a smelly fruit called durian .  He's a real gonad gobbler- bulls, deer, rooster, camels- doesn't matter.

I had an uncle that loved him some "lamb fries"  or "mountain oysters."  He would down them one right after the other.   What about you? Have you ever tried some really bizarre foods. If so, how did it go?  What would you be willing to try?   I would probably try some balls but I'm thinking it might be a texture issue for me. Brains- don't think so. Some people like them with scrambled eggs.  No way I'm trying a penis!   Deep fried tarantulas-  maybe !   Bugs- maybe, if deep fried and covered in chocolate .  Organ meat like lungs, heart, kidneys, intestines...NO WAY!!!

Share your thoughts on "bizarro" foods.   Any gonad gobblers out there in BGR-land?   Thanks in advance for your input.
What about 1,000 year old duck eggs? They're a delicacy in China.  Andrew Zimmern says they should be served the right way- cut and then garnished with lots of green and chiles and shallots. 

These guys forgot the garnish . I guess it didn't go well.

Anyone ever tried balut?  It's a fertilized duck embryo that is allowed to develop for 16-21 days. It's boiled and eaten from the shell, beak and all.  It's a popular street food in Cambodia and Vietnam. Filipinos like it as well, I believe.

[Image: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/image...w&usqp=CAU]
My grandmother would always take the brains from hogs, and scramble them with eggs. She loved them. I saw her eating them one time and promptly threw up.

I've never wanted to eat bizarre foods and the most unusual would be pickled pigs feet. I used to eat those with my dad and I didn't really like them but I loved eating them with my dad.
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