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Knott County Golf 2021
[Image: https://i.imgflip.com/5j5ijj.jpg]
Bolz its bout to get realz! Golf tour has begun and wez pumped like the first of da month! Lil Shawny the golf father leading the brigade and tearing the front nine up like a freaking boss! #fore  #doubleeaglebaby  More mash taters please!!!

Sneaky Bill came by for some advice to the golf father and the lil hombres for the 2021 tour! #pumpedup  More mash taters please!!!


CT wannabe had a lil miscommunication this morning with some of the entourage.  He said for his people to deploy to the range to support the Pats in the regional golf scramble.  Bolz, we had a couple Patriot lifers to go to the firing range, wowza

#concealandcarrymybrutha  #cuttingdownthenetsatthegolfrange  More mash taters please!!!

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