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14th Region All A, Breathitt @ Knott 9/9/21


Da babycats come to Mortys tonight for a spankin, bolz.  Ole fp has given the order for this to be over in twitty cause the scent of dem foodbooths are killin a brutha.

#gingybreadfestybettergetprepared  #foodboothsbetterhunkerdown   More mash taters please!!!
Wolfe wins the All-A with a sweep of Knott (3-0) and Hazard (3-0) Saturday in the semis and finals. Thats 4 in a row for them, surprised me as I thought they would be down this year after losing 5 players from last year that were in their regular rotation including a regional player of the year. Guess they have reloaded, I thought this tourney would belong to Knott after they beat Breathitt.

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