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Shelby Valley vs. Upperman, Tennessee December 28: My homework
Upperman, TN. is 12 miles west of Cookeville, Tn. This school is near where Jordan Brock who played at Harlan is finishing up her final season in college. This school will start their season when Shelby Valley is playing in pan-o-rama games. A Tennessee scouting report has 5-7 Brooklyn Crouch signed to play at UT-Chattanooga. Coach Chrysti Noble has taken her team from Rockcastle County to Greeneville a number of times. Her very special team in 2011 was 35-1. The only loss was to Mount Juliet in Greeneville. This high school is a bed room school for Nashville. From 2015 to 2020 Upperman won loss record is 185-25. Amber Guffey who was all state for Clinton County in 2005 coaches at Murray State, you know she scouts this area of central Tennessee. In some seasons Upperman has played at York Institute which sets one hour south of Clinton County high school.
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