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"Your Dishonor Will Remain"
What stuck with me most from Day 1 of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection hearings was Ms. Cheney's words towards the end of her eloquent but  sobering  presentation:   

"Tonight, I say to my Republican colleagues: You are defending the indefensible. There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone. But your dishonor will remain. "

I think that anyone who still defends Trump or the insurrection that he incited should never forget the lady's words because the dishonor will last a lifetime. 

All Americans, regardless of party affiliation should be able to agree that  attempting to overthrow a legitimately elected government in favor of authoritarian rule is bad .  Really bad.  Saying that your vice-president probably deserved hanging is bad. Really bad. 

I'm aghast that only a handful of Ms. Cheney's colleagues have exhibited her courage and forthrightness.  She has likely sacrificed her seat in the House of Representives, all because she chose to tell the truth and because her oath to the Constitution was more important to her than her loyalty to her party.   I don't care for her politics but I do respect her faithfulness to our democratic ideals.

Well done, Ms. Cheney. Your words are poignant and foreboding.

                                ...   Your   Dishonor  Will   Remain . "
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Only person killed was a Trump supporter. You are the most uniformed person I have ever encountered.
Now do all the riots in Dem cities and Chuck Schumer:


I love you but I don't let anyone this brainwashed around my family for 1 second. Pure poison.
BTW how are you liking $5 gas and the highest inflation in 40 years?
I already know your response btw so spare me.
People like you are making this county a third world shithole.
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