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Roe v. Wade….
Is OVERTURNED!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Rex Vonner would be so happy about this!!
It is about time. Predictably, the lunatic fringe of the Democrat Party have already taken to the streets. Federal workers have already received email advisories warning of possible traffic delays because of demonstrators blocking roads.
Remember when somebody predicted the soaring price of gasoline if Joe Biden was elected?
If not, then here is a refresher.

[Video: ]
Democrats haven't been this upset since Republicans ended slavery.
Remember when somebody predicted the soaring price of gasoline if Joe Biden was elected?
If not, then here is a refresher.

[Video: ]
Every time the subject of abortion came up in recent times past some liberal always pointed out it was the Republican appointees on the court that ratified Roe v Wade. With today's ruling no longer will Dems be able to blame Blackmun et-al for the slaughter of millions of the innocent unborn or recently born in the abortion clinics across America.

If and when individual state legislatures re-ratify abortion as a right, the responsibility for same will rest solely upon the shoulders of those who vote to extend so-called abortion rights in their respective states. Not that blaming SC justices has in any way absolved lawmakers who've campaigned in support of abortion rights from their own guilt in the past. But somehow they seem to think blaming others for their own actions makes some kind of difference to God, Who will certainly judge them.

I hope they're all extremely uncomfortable with themselves and the responsibility for the millions of deaths due to such savage butchery they have labeled women's health.
Maxine Waters made a complete idiot of herself. AGAIN.
^^ Saw some of her seditious and low class remarks on FOX and Friends this morning. With people like her in high office I'm a little surprised the US can still lay claim to being a sovereign nation. No wonder Putin thinks he can do just about anything he pleases.
The only draw back to this, and don’t get me wrong I thought it should have been overturned long ago, is that society as a whole has become so irresponsible in regards to sex and pregnancy since the last ruling on this issue. I don’t believe in abortion but I don’t believe this being overturned is going to make any of these oxygen thieves anymore responsible whenever it comes to having sex and what to do with a baby…

(06-24-2022, 08:40 PM)Granny Bear Wrote: Maxine Waters made a complete idiot of herself.  AGAIN.

Her and AOC are the chief oxygen thieves…
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“Reproductive rights” (lol) rally in Pikeville yesterday. A couple hundred people. Total freak show and downtown smelled like a$$. Disgusting.and repulsive people inside and out.
And let's at least be honest about the real reason abortions have flourished in our time. Whereas in times past when two consenting, albeit unmarried adults, decided to engage in sexual intercourse;

And whereas one day in the weeks following such intercourse, the girlfriend/lover of the two (no matter how brief their relationship may have been) brings the unfortunate news to her partner --- "I'm pregnant."

So owing to the fact that abortion was as yet illegal in those days prior to Roe v Wade, the couple had to face a pretty inescapable reality. They would have to get married because the alternative was only to cop out on personal integrity entirely and spend their lives looked down on by a society which at the time, were in agreement with certain Scriptural moral behavioral standards which, at the very least meant personal responsibility in the rearing of the child in question. And a society by the way which used law enforcement to force unwilling or unmotivated men to face up to their responsibilities or bear the legal ramifications for not so doing .

Abortion releases the promiscuous among us to cavalier about the duration of their entire lives, while the more responsible pay for that oat sowing. The reason society accepts this unhappy, not to mention ungodly situation is multifaceted to be sure. But of equal surety is the fact that the same government that once oversaw paternal responsibility in matters of US citizens having children, now ensures that no one is held paternally responsible in matters of having children.

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