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Pay Cut President: Avg. American Family Has Lost $6,800 in Annual Wages Under Biden
The real average hourly earnings for all employees dropped by a full 1.0% from May to June, according to the Biden administration's own BLS. Remember when Biden and his administration claimed that the soaring inflation rate was transitory a year ago?

Quote:JUST IN: Inflation Spikes To New 40-Year High Of 9.1%, Real Average Hourly Earnings Drop 1.0%

Inflation far outpaced economist expectations, spiking to a new 40-year high of 9.1% in June, a staggering number that helped drive down the real average hourly earnings for all employees from May to June by a full 1.0%.
The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicate the nation is deep into the throes of a financial crisis with little signs of letting up.

Once again, the data shows the biggest contributors to the rise in prices come from gasoline (11.2% in June, 59.9% year-over-year), shelter (0.6% in June, 5.6% year-over-year), and food (1.0% in June, 10.4% year-over-year) – all essential items necessary to simply exist.

The 1.3% spike on all items in June helped inflation hit 9.1% and far exceed the 8.8% Dow Jones estimate.

And while the 9.1% inflation rate clearly demonstrates the cost of nearly everything is going up, a natural result is a decrease in how far your paycheck is going, creating a double whammy for American wallets and pocketbooks.

“Real average hourly earnings for all employees decreased 1.0 percent from May to June,” the BLS report states.
Remember when somebody predicted the soaring price of gasoline if Joe Biden was elected?
If not, then here is a refresher.

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Yes because I believe fat orange idiots
(07-24-2022, 05:05 PM)RAM-A-DEVIL Wrote: Yes because I believe fat orange idiots
You don't need to believe Trump. You just need to trust your own eyes and whatever commons sense that you map possess. Anybody who does not believe that this nation was better off under Trump than they are under Biden is lying to themselves.
Remember when somebody predicted the soaring price of gasoline if Joe Biden was elected?
If not, then here is a refresher.

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It appears the inflation rate and Biden's approval rating are very close to being the same number.
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(07-24-2022, 05:05 PM)RAM-A-DEVIL Wrote: Yes because I believe fat orange idiots

Just by way of hitting the absolute tippy-top peaks on the financial graph: On election day 2020 gasoline was $1.86 a gallon. My natural gas bill on a monthly budget was $86. Electric averaged $250 a month. I could go on but even you get the idea. Life here felt normal, and the American ship of state sailed calm waters.

Now gasoline is $4.40 a gallon, down from $4.70 only last week. My monthly natural gas budget is up to $150 dollars and electric now averages $375 dollars a month. Add to that the fact that groceries have doubled, along with just about anything else one would care ti name. And worse, that unhappy situation is only sporadically true because thanks to the destroyed supply chain, no one is lucky enough to consistently even find what he's looking for.

As to the American ship of state? Putin now runs amok, Iran is back in the nuclear saddle, Israel is back out in the cold, and we seemingly stand in a shadow cast by China. (If not Mexico) And New York City is starting to look like the 1981 "Escape From New York" movie starring Kurt Russell.


Life imitates life they say. NY and LA have nearly become the cesspools of Carpenter's vision. All this coming to a city near you soon.
The BIDEN Boom!
Biden approval rating looking much better. That needs to maintain if the Dems hope to hold the Senate in '22 and the presidency in '24. The winds of poliitical change can blow as swiftly as cold, November winds . Dems have a puncher's chance of holding the House(the path is narrow, though) and ,i think, should be able to keep the Senate.
Real wages down, unemployment up, and inflation raging out of control. If American voters are stupid enough to continue putting liberals in charge of the ship that they are actively working to sink, then this nation will deserve its ultimate demise.

People with common sense find the fact that only 55 percent of Americans disapprove of the job that the crooked, senile old man in the White House very alarming. Biden is Jimmy Carter on steroids, without Carter's intelligence or integrity.

If an improving Biden approval rating is encouraging news to you, then you need to do some serious soul searching because yours has gone missing.
Remember when somebody predicted the soaring price of gasoline if Joe Biden was elected?
If not, then here is a refresher.

[Video: ]
A lot of the population wants a check and other free stuff from government and will continue to vote for it. Add in the unions and everyone else that gets paid with public money and doesn't have to worry about personally generating a profit and here we are. Add the corrupt media who shills for Dems and you have half the country. Then open the borders ad let them vote for free stuff and you can get a majority. Everything liberals touch turns into a complete sh!tshow disaster. Now they have no issues to run on and try to silence and persecute/prosecute their rivals. Add in the debt and this country is dead in the water. Not to mention wokeness. Our military can't whip people in rags riding camels and driving 30 year old Toyota pickups with a gun mounted on the back in 20 years in Afghanistan.

de Toqueville:
The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money

"Fact checkers" are trying to claim he never said it, which tells me he did. But doesn't matter, it's 100% true.
This great country as we knew it is just a fond memory...
de Toqueville


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