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Young Guns Back On Top
Amun-Ra Wrote:Oh it would still be a lot of fun Ringo. You would still get to shoot Wyatt.

OK then, as long as I get to blast Wyatt it sounds pretty good.
Looks like this was all a LIE..:lmao:

Amun-Ra Wrote:Even though I never fired a shot the second game, i helped direct my team to a win... From the grave...lol

:1: :rockon: :rockon: :letsparty

I guess the Sniper was right all along about you fighting from the back and just directing everyone...:lmao:
I swear the Sniper is psychic. Everything he predicts comes true.:notworthy
The Sniper never lies :AngelPray
Well they haven't even came in here and said a word......:lmao:
They know what they are supposed to do and say. :Thumbs:
Exactly Wyatt, everyone of them opens their mouth :blabbermo gets it slapped shut!
Well I never thought of it like that....:biggrin::thatsfunn

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