Poll: Where do you guys prefer playing?Where is your Favorite?
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Cowboy Canyon
Death Valley
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Cowboy Canyon or Death Valley
So after today where do you guys like playing the best?
I enjoy both and The Branch was more than I expected for sure. The Valley is and always will be special for many reasons and I still like playing there. I think that for so many to gather for competition and the fact that it is family members going against each other and neighbors going against each other let alone playing against former and current students and kids I have coached and others from neighboring schools makes it good no matter where we play. There are seldom any type of disagreement and everything is done with the sense of pride in winning and then talking a little trash which is all in good taste:eyeroll: of course. I can't say where the best place is BigJ and can only say that where we gather that day is the best and especially after wiping out Yella Bellies or the independents of the world. I have made many friends of really good people that I would have never known. That is the best.
Either place is fine with me long as Im shooting Yella bellies. I do like the flat land of CC though.

I think we should split time at both places and play 1 sunday at one and then the next at the other.
Exactly.... I like both places.... CC is easier to get around for sure, ecspecially for those guys not in shape unlike me:biggrin:.... But Death Valley is where it all started..... I'm sure the yella ones aren't liking either place though...Switching it up every other weekend would be fine with me....:Thumbs::1:
I was certainly impressed with the Canyon. I like both places for different reasons and have no problem playing either place. I like the idea of switching it up some.
The Sniper agrees with everyone. First, Death Valley is where it all started for us and it will always be a very special place. When the Sniper thinks about those early days in Death Valley, and then how far we Cowboys have come it's a special feeling. One filled with Pride! However, the Sniper also feel in love with Cowboy Canyon this past weekend. The Canyon is definitely a great place to play. The Sniper thinks rotating between DV & CC is a good idea. We've done a great job with this thing guys :Thumbs: everybody involved has just been great !!!! from day one!!!! The Sniper has made a lot of good friends since he started paintballing, and he hopes to make many more :rockon:
Cowboy Canyon is very interesting......
^ l0l

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