Poll: What do you think we need to do
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Completley repick teams from top to bottom
Keep the core players Judge,Sniper,Wyatt vs The son inlaws and then let them repick
Try and salvage our teams and still fight.
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Switch team or not???? Poll
Johnny Ringo Wrote:Don't worry we'll be there & We'll see who's has the last laugh Sniper.

That'd be me :lmao:
The Sniper Wrote:That'd be me :lmao:
We'll see about that.:popcorn:
Johnny Ringo Wrote:We'll see about that.:popcorn:

uh OK :biggrin:
Too much sass mouth Ringo about my friend. We're on our way and it won't be a nice visit. :flame:
Johnny Ringo Wrote:We'll see about that.

:dontthink :dontthink :dontthink

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

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