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4/05/09 Anybody playing
Havent heard much chatter on the board this week so I was wondering if everybody is gonna be playing. supposed to be 65 degrees and 30% chance of rain.

On side note the guy in winchester called me today and said he should have paintballs by the first of next week.
i may play im undecided at the moment.
I can't play again. Gage and Greyson have baseball practice Sunday at 3pm. However, practice is not normally on Sundays. The weather suppose to get cold again Monday so they switch to Sunday.
Me and Dad should be there for sure this weekend.
I need air but other than that I think I can play.
I have a couple extra tanks that are full if you need them.
:Thumbs: :beavis: :yes:
Big j:Thumbs:
TATE_64 Wrote:I have a couple extra tanks that are full if you need them.

Thanks. Or I can bring mine up in the morning. Either way, just like to play.
Where we playin this weekend.
Rileys Branch I guess,

Nick and Barker want to try Drift out next weekend ,
I am definately up for tht lol.
Hey Bill have you heard anything from universal crew?
talked to nick he and barker are gonna play but havent talked with Jeff. Tomorrow is gonna be pretty so Im sure they will have some play
I won't be there, going to Clay City...... I will be there the following weekend though for sure........
Do we have enough to play today?
the Universal crew is playing so Im sure we will have enough
I don't know if I can make it today. I'll try to be there but not sure yet.
So is everyone still playing today?

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