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98 custom pro for sale
Tippmann 98 custon pro with e-trigger, A.C.T., 2 barrels including flatline barrel, 2 hoppers, and a mask. asking $170 but will negotiate

contact me at:
Email: [email]sfms_basketball_playa@hotmail.com[/email]
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gibson34
five dollars because it never did hit anyone.
oh i believe that i got a quite a few head shots on you with it.
You better hold on to the gun with no marks. You may need it before long.:devilflam
im selling that gun because i have a A-5 now.
Yea, an A-5, a dog named Ol Yeller and a brother that is yeller!:devilflam
Wouldn’t matter if Raider Nation had a bazooka with infrared sights, he still couldn’t hit anything. You see son, its not the gun! it’s the man behind it!
i do believe i got a few shots on you too there sniper
Let em talk all the trash they want Nation....when and if they decide to get out their canes and go back to death vally, we'll help em unload their wheelchairs and they'll get whats comin to em.

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