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Once And For All, Pres. Biden is No Threat to Anyone's Children. STOP THE LIES !
"Former DHS Head Chad Wolf claims the Biden administration seeded, and continues to seed COVID variants by quietly shipping Illegal Immigrants across the nation. And that's just the ones we know about"--- Brian Kilmeade

Trump got called a xenophobe suffering from hysteria for imposing the China travel ban by whom? ---why Joseph R Biden of course. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to understand what's going on right now. No matter what Trump did it was pronounced terrible because he didn't play for the Democrat side. That little distinction got him blamed for the pandemic. Conversely, no matter what Biden does it's always the best thing ever because... he is a Democrat. According to Democrats and the in-the-tank media, Democrats are all geniuses that cannot lie, but all Republicans are idiots whose every word are lies.

Let's see here. Trump supposedly caused the pandemic with his travel ban while self absorbed Dems were engrossed in impeachment proceedings. Hard to connect those improbable dots, wouldn't you say? But meanwhile, because Border Patrol is so overwhelmed with the border insurgency, processing the flood of illegals has been impossible. So 50 thousand or so were just allowed to skip processing altogether, and were just shipped at taxpayer expense across the nation. MANY of them sick with COVID. Not hard at all to connect those dots. According to the DHS, the number of illegals crossing the border sick with COVID has gone up 900 percent year over year.
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RE: Once And For All, Pres. Biden is No Threat to Anyone's Children. STOP THE LIES ! - by TheRealThing - 07-29-2021, 11:18 AM

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